Ghostwriter business plan

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As an academic ghostwriter and marketing expert, our company has a successful entrepreneur myself and have more than 20 years of experience, especially in current and future-oriented business topics, which represent a large part of the projects and are a convincing basis for every business plan. With that I’m constantly up to date, in addition we also wrote the following book about startups, which is available on the following link on Amazon. Write me an e-mail, call me, we would like to help realize your dream.

The following elements must contain a business plan:

  • cover sheet
  • contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Product / service
  • market and competition
  • Location
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business organization and founder person or founding team
  • chances and risks

Read more about the business plan in my blog. As an academic ghostwriter, we know all the ways to build a business plan that is scientifically sound. As a marketing expert, we know how to make it compelling and exciting. You know the elevator speech? Every entrepreneur must be able to communicate his idea in 1-2 minutes in such a way that a potential investor can be immediately convinced to deal with it in more detail. I’ll show you how to do that – I’ve taught the topic of presentation at the University of Applied Sciences for 3 years, here is my downloadable script.

Business plan or business modeling?

In contrast to the business plan, the so-called business modeling becomes more and more important. Here it is a matter of defining the principle of customer relations and interaction, which ensures the successful development of the business idea or start-up. A typical example is a viral model, with which it is possible to reach a large number of new customers in a very short time.

Ghostwriter business plan for viral models

Since the domestic banking landscape and traditional investors (as opposed to specialized angel investors or investment funds) still have little know-how with viral models, it is usually advisable to integrate them into a conventional business plan. As a ghostwriter, we have already developed many such “scalable” models and would like to show an example of what the “viral loop” means:

WhatsApp has been able to spread extremely fast worldwide, because the use always requires at least one other person. In addition, existing contacts from the address book or social media could easily be encouraged to use the service, e.g. to join a group. The persons won in this way have then in turn acquired more friends, which it came to a snowball-like spread of the service.