Ghostwriter PhD thesis

Personal, discreet and with over 20 years of experience. The term “Ghostwriter PhD thesis” covers many partial achievements with me – from the consultation with the choice of the right institution over the development of the completely finished template:

Choice of topic: When using additional services we can offer this for FREE

Scientific Coaching: Help for self-help – with the experience of 20 years

Literature search: online and offline

Creation concept or exposé or disposition: A central success factor of the doctoral thesis

Theoretical part or part of the literature

Planning, execution and evaluation of the empiricism: we am very familiar with both qualitative and quantitative methods

Proofreading: On dot and comma.

Layout and formatting, creation of directories: Exactly as it meets the specifications

Plagiarism check: With the number 1 software

Sources review: Based on my experience, we can research, review and, if necessary, revise 90-100% of the sources

As a personal ghostwriter for your PhD thesis, we offer my range of support and assistance without the need for additional people or departments. The collaboration is only between you and me.

Ghostwriter Doctoral Thesis

As a skilled civil engineer, sociology doctor and economist, decades of experienced business consultant for strategy and brand development, lecturer at two colleges and coach we could acquire a variety of qualifications, from economics, sociology, psychology, education, health science, law on history and philosophy to civil engineering

The difference between doctoral thesis and diploma thesis

A dissertation or doctoral thesis is a scientific work that involves considerably more effort than a diploma thesis. While the volume of doctoral theses was rather small in the past centuries, it grew considerably in the last century, and only since the turn of the millennium has this trend returned from my experience as a ghostwriter. Mostly, it currently has between 120 and 250 pages. While in the natural and technical sciences a usually lengthy research process with several individual publications is required, which can often be financed only by a job at the institute of a university, open in the social and economic sciences also other possibilities. Depending on the subject, the dissertation either deals theoretically with a topic or describes and interprets empirically or experimentally gained existing research findings. In contrast to a diploma thesis, a dissertation is to be considered as independent research work. While in the diploma thesis about “only” an analysis of a topic is made, in the dissertation a synthesis, e.g. towards the development of new scientific models.

Rigorous Work for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

A special form takes the Rigorosumsarbeit, as it is for a Ph.D. study, which is now also offered in Europe in cooperation with foreign universities. This Anglo-Saxon doctoral degree “Doctor of Philosophy” is also recognized in Europe as the doctoral degree and extends to more fields than just philosophy. In practice, it is in Europe as the “Dr.” the name preceded. Prerequisite for the Rigorosum Arbeit is a complete Master (or “old” Master’s degree). The size is usually much smaller and is about 90 to 120 pages.