Non-fiction and biographies

Biographies and non-fiction: works of lasting value, through which the expertise, the special experiences or simply exciting stories are conveyed. An opportunity to position yourself as a person or company. As a ghostwriter, we like to write your story for your biography or non-fiction book.

Write a biography

we like to work as a ghostwriter biographies for you. In the case of a biography, we meet for multiple personal interviews, which we perform according to specific questioning techniques, electronically record and transcribe. The transcripts finally create a dramaturgically exciting, pointed text. If necessary, these texts are enriched according to the so-called biographical method with other data or facts researched by the scientifically trained ghostwriter, e.g. Details of historical events that have taken place in the context of the biography. The whole process is always coordinated together, the more fun and joy we have at work, the better the finished biography will be.


The biography is charged like the other scientific papers, see my comments on the collaboration. By way of exception, due to the geographical distance, there may be extra charges that we deny before – because we are also willing to come to you, if necessary, the interviews can also arise in a klausurartigen character at a weekend together in a quiet place.

Non-fiction books for private individuals and companies

Even non-fiction books for individuals, celebrities and companies are always a topic for a ghostwriter. Always after completion – as well as for diploma theses – the rights are transferred to the client, who can then publish his work at will.

Why write a non-fiction book?

Almost every company, celebrity, expert, doctor to judge, craftsman to retailer develops expertise in one area, often gathering knowledge and experience over generations – a reason why these companies or experts are then consulted by their clients , If this knowledge is passed on in the form of a book, mostly a non-fiction book, it is possible to position oneself as an expert on the market in a particularly sustainable way – think of examples such as the court psychiatrist Reinhard Haller and his non-fiction books. Since there is often no time and exercise available for writing, we like to write this non-fiction book as a ghostwriter.

Some entrepreneurs or freelancers are afraid to make themselves redundant by passing on these experiences – on the contrary, such a book for many people only the complex dimensions of the subject become comprehensible, in the sense of Socrates: “The more we know, the more know me, that we know nothing! “

Marketing opportunities

Even with the marketing, we can advise you based on my experience. In addition to the simplest method, the e-book on Amazon and the Kindle reader (see my example “From idea to business”) can also be, for example. a manageable edition for customers to be self-published – or be available as a PDF file.

With Amazon, it is possible to quickly conquer a worldwide market with his book – especially in small niches. Here there are low selling prices but high royalties (for example 70%, both can be arranged individually). Translations can be made in all languages, we advise you in choosing the right partner for the translation.

If an external publisher is to be consulted, it is advisable to first create an exposé and send it to publishing houses. we would like to help with the selection of suitable publishers for your book (usual: 10% royalty from the selling price).

Another variant is production and distribution in self-publishing – z.b. The printing costs today at about 500 copies only about 2,000 euros. The sales can be set up cheap online.